What does it feel like to be Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgendered and 17/19 or even 23/25….young? What does it feel like to hide yourself when all you want to be is accepted/understood and loved? What does it feel like…? Young people have enough to navigate and negotiate in their daily life of school, work, and social activities without the added pressure of being bullied or rejected because of their sexuality.


Unfortunately, suicide has too often become the answer to that rejection and lack of LOVE. The statistics among LGBT youth are on the rise and there’s a need for alternatives solutions. DAMN WONDERFUL explores the solutions that enabled 6 young people to live with no regrets in a world that so often leaves them with little room to love themselves. Their poetry, their words, and their experiences shared with loved ones, will inspire a generation fighting for a voice the world needs to hear.

It is so important for us to be able to see and acknowledge our own value and resilience.

  1. Khadija Brockington, Co-Creator/Producer

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DAMN WONDERFUL is a documentary celebrating the journey of self-love and self-worth of 6 young LGBTQP poets from New York City and Los Angeles. They come from various backgrounds and experiences, offering a visceral and honest look into some of the challenges and triumphs our youth are facing.


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