DAMN WONDERFUL is a documentary celebrating the journey of self-love and self-worth of 6 young LGBTQP poets from New York City and Los Angeles. They come from various backgrounds and experiences, offering a visceral and honest look into some of the challenges and triumphs our youth are facing.

Darlene grew up in California, The youngest of three kids, her Mother was a single parent battling with her own demons, Darlene struggled to be seen and heard, often feeling swallowed by the movement of the vast universe, she developed an intimate love for the street and later she would integrate that learning with higher education in order to make sense of it all. She became a member of Street Poets inc when she was 14 years old, telling her story, which would give so much meaning to her struggle and essentially save her life. She is passionate about social justice and creating equality for earthlings to live and thrive in, she believes her pen is a powerful weapon to create community. She currently lives in Los Angeles and is a Public Allies intern at Street Poets Inc where she facilitates workshops and wears many hats to support the work of this wonderful non-profit. She is honored to share her story with you.

Telling her story through poetry saved her life.


Damn Wonderful 2012

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